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Diabetic Foot Treatment in St. Petersburg, FL

Those who suffer from diabetes also experience problems with their feet because of nerve damage to the extremities. One of the issues that often arise with diabetes is foot ulcers. If you have a diabetic foot ulcer, you need to seek foot ulcer care before the problem progresses. At Advanced Podiatry and Wound Care, our team of doctors can help you care for your feet through your diabetes diagnosis. Read on to learn more about how we can help those in and around St. Petersburg.

Importance of Examinations

If you have diabetes, you should visit a podiatrist regularly for foot examinations. You also need to examine your feet daily. Because of the nerve damage that occurs with diabetes, diabetics often do not know that they have a diabetic foot ulcer until the situation has progressed significantly. With daily examinations, you can seek diabetic foot treatment as soon as you notice signs of a foot ulcer.

For more information on diabetic foot care in St. Petersburg, FL, contact Advanced Podiatry and Wound Care by calling (727) 896-4615. You can also schedule an appointment online by filling out our online form. We look forward to helping you find relief from your foot pain and providing advice on how to care for your feet to prevent problems from arising again.

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